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You can mix the goods to get a better price. Write us at info@cali-world.com and we will make you an individual offer.

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If you want to test our good flowers beforehand, we also offer a sample kit. In this is 1 gram of each variety.

Cali World

Europe's best cannabis in an unprecedented range of
unprecedented offer - that's what Cali World stands for.

The passion and commitment of the team
make Cali World the fastest growing cannabis brand in Europe.

Under constant control and guidelines
experienced American growers, Cali World produces the different strains to a new level with the help of European based production facilities and the latest
technology to a new level. Thus, it is Cali World flowers that are used as a comparison for quality standards.

As a socially responsible company
Cali World is committed to sustainable development, including for the health and
well-being of society. Transparency - A concept that the
Cali World lifestyle brand to new heights thanks to consistent customers.

Once you discover the quality and reliability
of Cali World, everything else is just something else. Undaunted
in its attitude and promise to offer its customers the ultimate experience.

Your Cali World Team

CBD Wholesale

Your CBD wholesale with high quality Cali-Weed products

Are you looking for unique and high quality CBD products to satisfy your customers every need? As a CBD wholesaler in Europe, we work under strict quality guidelines and standards to assist you with your purchase. Around our wide selection, we are best positioned to equip you directly with the selected products.

Numerous products exactly according to your needs

Around our CBD wholesale, you have the choice of numerous categories. This makes it easy to navigate directly with us and find the best products. As a whitelabeled CBD wholesaler, we always provide you with high-quality solutions that meet every need and satisfy your requirements. You can find the following categories with us:

- Buy CBD flowers at CBD Wholesale.

Do you want CBD flowers of the highest quality? Then we as CBD flowers wholesale have exactly the right products for you. Feel free to look around right here with us and put your money on unique CBD flowers.

- Distillates wholesale

With our CBD distillates (CBD Goldwax), you can expect a hemp concentrate with a high CBD content. With the isolates, on the other hand, you get the isolated form of the cannabidiol. With our CBD wholesale from Germany, you therefore always have the choice of which items you need from us.

Competence and experience for many years
For us as CBD wholesalers from Germany, high standards and good products probably play the most important role. Accordingly, you can expect fair conditions for the best quality on the market from us, which sets us apart from other suppliers as a CBD wholesaler. At the same time, we constantly offer new products and solutions for you, which can be purchased from our store with just a few clicks.

Especially for commercial customers, we are the best contact in this regard, so that you can offer your customers CBD flowers in the highest quality. We have been developing our work in this regard for many years and provide new standards with our 100% organic products. As CBD wholesalers, we know how important high-quality products are for your customers and how we meet these expectations. This is how you rely on a new generation of CBD flowers and oils.

Rely on the highest CBD quality now!

If you would now like to benefit from our high-quality products yourself, we as CBD wholesalers are exactly the right contact. Test our assortment with the help of the free sample kit, which we provide exclusively for our commercial customers. We are happy to offer you the best CBD wholesale prices for your purchase.

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